Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CfP - Call for Participants!


The Caledon Zephyr is currently looking for section editors and contributors. We're a lowly startup notecard/blog newsletter at the moment, housed in Caledon Pensans, hoping to have the first issue out by the first of the coming year.

What we know we need:

~An Oxbridge Correspondent (to let us know of upcoming classes and events as well as tips for newcomers)

~A Role Play/Stories Editor to gather and disseminate what's happening around Caledon.

~An Events Editor to gather and disseminate events announcements relevant to the distinguished citizens of Caledon, as well as her friends and visitors.

~A Classified Editor to organize incoming shop/sales announcements as well as notices of "featured land" that is available within Caledon.

Have any other ideas? We're open to hearing them!

For example: We might also use a gardening/landscaping editor who gives tips on terraforming, seasonal changes, and the best places to get great plants! We've also already gotten a suggestion for a "bargain hunter" segment for gachas, midnight manias, sales, etc, that might be of interest to Caledonians. Have some amazing recipes for Victorian-era dishes? We might include a Cooking Corner!

We're just getting off the ground so surprise us! If you have a magnificent talent for scooping news and events (or are just generally awesomely creative), we'd love to have you on our team!

Communications should be directed to Faerie Scribe (in-world) or faerieontheaetherwaves@gmail.com. We also have a mailbox at our starter office in Caledon Pensans


If I don't respond within 48 hours (it probably means I'm having net issues), please notify my co-publisher Aevalle Galicia.

Faerie Scribe, Publisher/Editor of the Caledon Zephyr and Scríobhaí na sídhe-at-large
Zephyr blog: https://caledonzephyr.blogspot.com

Thank you to Wrath Constantine!

We now have a working mailbox FOR FREE.

Duchess Aevalle let him know that I was having a hard time finding a mailbox in theme that had decent scripting and he gave me this one! I was able to put the Zephyr logo on it and we're in business!

Depending on the number of editors we end up with, I might choose one of the more heavily scripted ones, but I'm quite happy with this one to start off with. I'm also EXTREMELY thankful for the free space from Wrath and Aevalle in Caledon Pensans. Starting small but STRONG!

Glad to finally be live!

This is just a test to see if the thing's working. Happy to be here if it does!