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Caledon Zephyr 2015.1.25 Stories in Order

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Caledon Zephyr~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bringing you the NEWS of the Independent State of Caledon!!!

"From the northern climes comes the zephyr winds, bringing cherished news and gilded ships."

Classifieds, 2015.1.25

Constantine Air Werkz
Fine Aircraft and Parts
Below deck on the Iron Cloud!
Rainy Fey Creations and Rainy Fey Petite
Distinct Clothing and Jewelry


(Caledon-based organizations, businesses, and goods can be featured here by dropping a notecard in the mailbox at the Caledon Zephyr office in Caledon Pensans

or by emailing Please include the name of the organization or business, a landmark or slurl to where it is located, the inworld name of the contact person and, if it is a limited time sale or activity, the dates involved. Additional info might be added as the submitter sees fit. Classifieds currently are free.)

Events and Activities This Week, 2015.1.25

Sunday, January 25th

2pm slt
Hooked on Books
Hooked On Books is a weekly, informal book discussion group that's based around different genres or topics each week, rather than centered on a specific book, e.g Childhood Favorites, Horror, Mystery. Hosts/Contacts - Meg Thorkveld & Benton Fretwerk

3-5pm slt
Palm Court Tea Dance
The Bashful Peacock Tea Dance is every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month. Please join Rudolfo Woodget for the 2nd Sunday of the month Tea Dance.
The Bashful Peacock is a pub that welcomes all and especially welcomes ladies and gentlemen who prefer the company of ladies and gentlemen, respectively.
The Bashful Peacock is located in the Caledon Wellsian NE corner:


Monday, January 26th

6:30pm slt
Dancing in Alley Cat Alley
Casual and come-as-you-are for friends and fun!


Wednesday, January 28th

1pm slt
An Hour of Frivolity! at the Book & Tankard Pub in Caledon
Come join us for a (hopefully) weekly hour of relaxation, talking, drinking, perhaps dancing, in the Book & Tankard Pub in Victoria City!

7pm slt
Dancing at the Blue Mermaid
Join us for fun and mayhem at the Blue Mermaid in Caledon on Sea, with eclectic tunes. Dress is informal, music is always fun and danceable.


Friday, January 30th

6pm slt
Prims Over Caledon - Caledon Primtionary


Saturday, January 31st

Poppy's Place Dance Club
Everyone is welcome!

Oxbridge Occurrences, 2015.1.25

There's a Winter Auction and Dance in the planning stages. Keep an eye out in the Oxbridge group for announcements. Have a donation for the auction? Contact to make arrangements for drop-off.


Dean's Q & A sessions have moved to Oxbridge Village to accommodate larger crowds of attendees while freeing up space in Oxbridge for those needing the tutorial.


The look (and prims) in Oxbridge will be changing slightly in the upcoming months as more and more of the campus goes through "meshification" (the term coined by Chancellor Carl Metropolitan).


Oxbridge is looking to fill all class spots throughout the week. Those who think they have a course idea should contact Dean Wordsmith Jarvinen for instructions on how to submit a proposal.


The following is a list of the weekly classes offered at Oxbridge:
Unless otherwise noted, all classes take place in the Lecture Hall.

Smart Shopper Fundamentals
Time: Sunday, 10:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

This class will cover how to get $L, how to know a quality product, the basics of item permissions, some basic scams to avoid, and most of all, how to find bargains. Become a smart Second Life shopper and look fabulous without spending a lot of money!


Q&A With the Deans
Time: Sunday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Oxbridge Deans

The Caledon Oxbridge "Dean Team" answers your questions about Second Life, Caledon, Oxbridge, Steampunk, and anything else we can manage. Q&A is hosted by some combination of Oxbridge deans and assistant deans. Between them they know… stuff.


Introduction to Role Playing
Time: Sunday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Wendyslippers Charisma

Learn the basic history, purpose and usage of emotes and gestures. Explore roleplay, what it is, and how to do it. This class is intended to enhance your Second Life and greatly increase your fun potential! Free notes, landmarks and gestures provided.


Basic Scripting
Time: Monday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Wordsmith Jarvinen

Scripts are what makes Second Life a dynamic, interactive environment. Scripts can change an object's properties, move objects, communicate with avatars or other scripts, sense objects or avatars, play sounds, collect information, play animations, and rez or give objects within the same object's inventory.

The class starts with the very basics and works through several examples.

Familiarity with the build editor is helpful/advised.


Building Office Hour
Time: Tuesday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Do you have building questions, are you stuck on a project and need help, do you just want another opinion on something you've already built? Bring your questions to Building office hours. Bring your special building projects, questions, and concerns this weekly Office Hour.


Advanced Building I
Time: Tuesday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Take your building skills to the next level! Advanced Building covers advanced prim shaping techniques (a.k.a. prim torture), flexi-prims, light, and the uses and misuses of megaprims.

Required Knowledge: Basic building skills. Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics


A Trivial Entertainment
Time: Tuesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Carl Metropolitan

Join us in Caledon Oxbridge for "A Trivial Entertainment", a fast-paced trivia game show with host Carl Metropolitan. A 300 $L prize for the person who gets the most questions correct. Topics are drawn from the Great Areas of Human (Trivial) Knowledge: Arts, Biology & Earth Science, Entertainment, Geek Culture, Geography, History, Literature & Books, Religion & Myth, Science, Second Life, and Sports.

Just say NO to bot-run trivia!


Time to Make a Clock
Time: Wednesday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Sandie Harbour

Put your basic building skills to work by making a real working clock!

Required Knowledge: Basic building skills.

Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics.


Introduction to Mesh
Time: Wednesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Wordsmith Jarvinen

Mesh is the most flexible means of creating objects, clothing and avatars for SL. The class covers background concepts, compares mesh with prims and sculpties, and shows the upload interface.


What to Do in Caledon
Time: Wednesday, 21:00 SLT
Instructor: Lucien Brentano

So, you've taken the walking tutorial. You've picked the freebies clean. You know all about Avatar Safety, you can wield prims with the best of them, and you have an idea of how to make some spending money. Now what?

This class aims to showcase some of Caledon's more interesting activities. Part tour, part lecture, we show students how to look for a party and give them a calendar of events.

Class materials will include landmarks and links to web-based resources like the Caledon Calendar and the Steamlander forums.


Advanced Building II
Time: Thursday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Make the most of your building with advanced building tips, including: precision prim placement with grid and ruler, two ways to copy, advanced linking and unlinking tips, and how to edit linked parts.

Required Knowledge: Basic building.


Second Life Photography
Time: Thursday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Larkylouz

Learn how to take great pictures in Second Life! This class covers all the essential basics, including using the snapshot tool, camera movement and control, lighting and windlights, graphics programs, photo presentation techniques, photography studios, and more.


Building Basics
Time: Thursday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Samm Florian

Building Basics is intended for residents who are new or kind of new to building.

On 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of the month, we have a hands-on class where you'll learn the basic tools you need to build with prims. No prerequisites required; all are welcome, even if you've never rezzed a cube before. This class is text-based and usually runs for 90 minutes.

On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, Samm will host a Building Office Hour. If you have general questions about building, having a problem with something you're making, or just want to show off what you've made, bring it by. This will typically run for 60 minutes, but there's no need to stay for the whole class.


How to Buy and Rent Land in SL
Time: Friday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

You do not have to have land in Second Life to have fun but it sure helps! Introduction to Land will teach you the basics of how to find, buy or rent, and sell land in Second Life. There is also an introduction to land controls, and a discussion of the risks and rewards of land on Private Estates versus the Linden Lab owned Mainland.


Avatar Safety
Time: Saturday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

Even in a virtual world, there are things that hurt. Introduction to Avatar Safety covers the basics of protecting one's self in Second Life. This class covers personal information protection, strategies for coping with griefers, abuse reporting, and common scams--plus other information sources and a few tools to help you keep Second Life experience safe.


Photo Salon
Time: Saturday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Larkylouz

This is an open-ended workshop that provides SL photographers with skills instruction, practice locations, and a supportive atmosphere in which to practice the techniques of effective SL Photography. Subject matter may range from basic composition to experimenting with creating windlights or specialized photography (surrealism, anyone?).

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with lighting, framing, and the manipulation of viewer settings. Each class stands alone, but specific topics will vary from week to week and be announced before class. Critique and sharing are a valued part of the class, which is taught on a rotating basis by class members and guest speakers.

Prerequisites: None, but a basic photography class is recommended.

For more info, contact the coordinator, Renee Caxton.

NPCs are People, Too: The Cute but Deadly Crimson Pirate Staff

~communique transmitted from our secret reporter with approval from Crimson Pirates Captain and Middlesea's Duke Wrath Constantine


In my travels recently I happened across a giant flying airbase in the skies over Caledon. The locals know it as the Iron Cloud; a hangout and base of operations for the Crimson Pirates. Aboard this massive structure I met and spoke with some of the crew that guard and maintain day-to-day operations at this facility.

Iron Cloud on Approach

Upon approach, I was greeted on the radio by Anna, IC-ATC and communications officer. Pleasant but business-like, she granted landing clearance and agreed to a short interview. Arriving in the Air Traffic Control tower, I met a bespectacled Leporid with green hair scribbling flight notes on a clipboard.

Anna: "Welcome to the Iron Cloud.", she spoke as she looked up from her notes. "What brings you here today?"

CZ: "We're traveling the lands of Caledon and learning about it's people. Can you tell us about yourself?"

Anna: "Well, I first arrived here three years ago, looking to see the world and try something different. I wasn't really cut out to be a farmer, and was fascinated by radio. The ability to hear voices from distant lands in real time, and speak to them, seems to me like a kind of magic. But not one to be feared. It can bring people, cultures, and ideas together. I studied radio theory from a young age, and built my first shortwave receiver when I was 10.

So I ended up here, having heard of the place from my grandfather who used to be a combat pilot. I monitor the airwaves and guide aircraft into and out of our airspace. I also get to play with the incredible radio equipment here. Did you know there's a 600 kilowatt AM transmitter aboard? It's kinda dangerous to be near when it's operating, so the transmitter and antenna are located way out on the ventral spire of the Iron Cloud. As far as I know, only the Aspidistra Transmitter is as powerful."

CZ: Anna pauses for a moment, twitching an ear towards one of her receivers as a short "vVWoomp" sound comes over the speaker. She quickly scribbles a note on another clipboard as she glances at a clock '14:23.42 - VLF pulse, 4.5kHz, 30Hz tone, 0.5sec'

Anna: "Anything else I can help you with?"

CZ: "No, I think that's got it. Thank you."

Anna: "No problem! Be sure to check out the radio station down on level six while you're here, but I recommend steering clear of the transmitter on level 10."

Iron Cloud Anna


Making my way back down from the control tower, I see an armed guard on the flight deck standing watch over a fleet of fighter planes. Black hair waving in the wind as he turns upon my exit from the lobby door. He regards me nonchalantly as I cautiously approach, but I can see his finger on the safety switch of his weapon. I introduce myself from a distance and ask if I can ask him a few questions. The tall Mephitidae (skunk) mutters something into a communicator, pauses, then nods and beckons me over.

Clu: "You have question?"

CZ: "Yes, can you tell us about yourself, what you do, and how you came to be here?"

Clu: "Sisters and I only survivors of shipwreck. Salvage operation went wrong, ja? Load shifted while airborne, brought ship down in West Sea. Bunneh pirates find us adrift, rescue us and give us new job. Place to live, food to eat, and all the ammo a guy could want. Clu is happy here. Much better than salvage job. "

CZ: "What all do you do in this job?"

Clu: "Watch planes, watch sky, watch airbase. If someone try take plane, Clu shoot. If someone try attack, Clu shoot." He looks West, eyes sharpening as he brings his weapon to bear on a stray air kraken venturing too close to the airbase. "You cover ears now." I can feel the air rattle as his rifle erupts in a burst of lead and fire. The air kraken twitches, tumbles, and falls out of view past the end of the runway. I must have had quite the look on my face as I brought my hands down from my ears, judging by the grin on his face. "Is good job, simple job. Rarely boring job."

I thank him for his time, and cannot help but wonder where that tentacled monstrosity landed...

Iron Cloud Clu

Traveling down a flight of stairs, I see what has to be the most intimidating woman I have ever laid eyes on. Similarly armed and armored as her brother on the flight deck, just as tall and muscular. Her confident demeanor swings at you like a mace, her gaze penetrates you from under blood red hair with a blond shock that barely covers a scar over her right eye. There have been seasoned sailors more frail than this woman. She already has her eyes locked on me before I'm down the stairs and I spot her behind some sort of barrier door. Restricted Access signs near the door seem redundant as this brawny Mephitidae womans countenance says it all. This time, I'm the first to be questioned.

Bernadette: "You're a journalist, I gather?"

CZ: "Yes? Yes." I can't help but be a little on edge, and I'm not sure if it's better or worse when a smile slowly forms on her face.

Bernadette: "And you would like to know who I am, and how I found myself here?"

CZ: "Yes, please."

Bernadette: "Clu told you the gist of it. We were young, kids really. Orphaned and finding work on non combat ships, particularly salvagers out of Rugalia, our homeland. Our last job didn't go as planned. We got caught in a sudden storm and it threw our medium salvage frigate about like a toy boat in a bathtub. While we were trying to take off to get above the storm part of the cargo broke it's straps and slid forward. It smashed right through the wheelhouse and got hung up on the bow, pulling the now throttled and out of control airship into a nose dive from about a mile up. I was able to grab my brother and sister, and toss them into a crate of packing material we use for artifacts and sensitive mechanisms. We managed to survive only because the ship hit the water at an angle, and our crate floated due to the contents. We were adrift with the wreckage of the frigate for a few days before they found us. We were the only ones so lucky. But I still got this." She flicks her hair up over her right eye, revealing the scar. "My brother likes to joke that I broke the ship with my face."

CZ: "Your brother has an accent, but you don't seem to. Why is that?"

Bernadette: "My brother is older than me by 5 years. He spent more time in our homeland, whereas Ginna and I were very young when the three of us left the orphanage to fend for ourselves. We were around foreigners most of our lives."

CZ: "Got it. Thank you!"

Iron Cloud Bernadette

By Bernadette's suggestion, I followed a hallway North out onto a breezy catwalk under the flight deck. I found it a bit nerve-wracking to be able to see straight down through the walkway to the ground almost a half kilometer below, but the view from up here is amazing! Turning right at the first intersection, and right again, I see a fleet of dangerous-looking airships in the crimson and black livery of the Crimson Pirates.

CP Fleet
Another right turn and I come to a large steel iris door, with more Restricted Access signs and another armed guard. Also a Mephitidae, this one is shorter and smaller with two rings in her left ear. She turns as I approach, putting herself between me and the massive door.

Ginna: "You the reporter?"

CZ: "Yes! May I ask you some questions?"

Ginna: "Sure. My sister told me you were coming, and the Captain authorized it. What would you like to know first?"

CZ: "Well, I already know what you used to do, and how you got here. Maybe tell us about yourself?"

Ginna: "I'm the youngest of three children, two years younger than my sister, seven from my brother. These days I keep watch over the ships out there and this door. I like music, and get some great recordings from Anna. That bunneh can find almost anything. When the Captain isn't looking, I'll sing a song in my head and dance to it."

CZ: "I notice you have two rings in your ear. Any significance to them?"

Ginna: "One for my brother and one for my sister, to remind me to listen to them. They're both fiercely protective of me, and I love them both dearly." She smiles softly as she traces the rings with her fingers. "They are my longest-standing family, and I wouldn't be here today if not for the both of them."

CZ: "Thank you. Glad to have met you!"

Iron Cloud Ginna

Making my way down another flight of spiral stairs, I find myself in a ballroom-sized art-deco lounge. Works by Tamara de Lempika adorn the back of the stage, situated opposite of a well stocked bar manned by an older Leporid gentleman with tousled salt and pepper hair. His name is Harvey Mathers, but he prefers to be called by his old callsign.

Bulletbait: "Evenin' Miss. What can I get'cha?"

CZ: "An absinthe and an interview, perhaps?"

Bulletbait: "Well I think I can do that." With a flourish he produces an ornate glass, filling the reservoir with the green liquor before placing a flat silver spoon and a sugar cube on the rim. He sets it in front of me, and slides over an absinthe fountain with chilled water. A slight flick on the tap and a trickle of water streams down over the sugar cube.

CZ: "You know who I am?", I ask, watching the sugar dissolve into the liquor."

Bulletbait: "Scuttlebutt moves fast here.", he says with a smile and a tap of the communicator near his ear."

CZ: "So what's your story? How did you get here?"

Bulletbait: "Used to be a combat pilot. Served a few years in the war, had a good career until I got too shot up to fly. Pension's not really enough by itself, and I wanted to stay in the skies as long as I could. So I tend bar here and keep an eye on my radio-nut grand-daughter. Not a bad gig for an old guy like me."

I sip my drink as the dignified gentleman grabs a cloth from under the bar and wipes up some water.

Bulletbait: "The Captain had heard of me and likes to hear old stories of days and battles past. My grand-daughter told him I was looking for work, so he contacted me and brought me aboard. I can't tell you how happy I was to get here. To this day I still enjoy coming to work."

CZ: "And ready access to such a selection doesn't hurt?", I nod in the direction of the bottles, flasks, and barrels behind him. He grins and gives a wink.

Bulletbait: "It's definitely a perk."

Iron Cloud Harvey

Back on the flight deck, three young Chinchillidae ladies were just finishing up prepping my airship for departure. They were chittering amongst themselves as I approached, seeming to have an entire conversation in a matter of seconds. Preflight checks completed with remarkable speed and precision. I decided to find out more about them.

CZ: "Hello! Mind if I ask you some questions?"

Dani: "Not at all. We're all done prepping your vessel, so we have some time before the recon wing returns." The short brownish red-head calls the other two over with a quick chirp, and they join us with inquisitive looks.

CZ: "Where are you from, and what events led you here?"

Enki: "We're refugees, originally from Chilea. We left when our home was destroyed." This girl was taller than Dani, with a red accent in her green hair.

CZ: "Destroyed? What happened?"

Dani: "We were invaded. A militant sect came, set on exterminating us."

Feni: "Xenophobes.", the short, purple-haired girl said softly.

Dani: "We weren't great in number to begin with. Now were so few that it's rare to see our own kind anymore. And with no homeland left, we are scattered to the winds."

Enki: "But we'll change that. We used to be isolated, keeping mostly to ourselves. So when the invasion happened, nobody heard about it. Working here we've made friends and allies. We're making contact with or own kind again, regrouping. Some day we'll have the means to rebuild and fortify our home. And help in defending it."

CZ: "Aren't you worried that they will try again?"

Dani: "They already tried again."

Enki: "And they got their butts handed to them." Enki adds with a victorious grin.

Feni: "Whoop-ass." Her soft voice belies the determination seen in her expression.

Dani: "My sisters and I feel safe here, and confident that we can eventually bring this security to our lands."

CZ: "You are sisters? How is your hair color so varied?"

Enki: "In our culture it is customary to dye one's fur and hair. Sometimes it's for style, sometimes it's a color that reminds us of a place that inspires us. It's rare to see two of our kind the same color."

CZ: "What are your fur colors representative of?"

Dani: "Our lands, and the fires set to them."

Enki: "Our foilage and the national flower."

Feni: "The blood of our enemy that persecutes us."  Dani, Enki, and I look startled to the soft spoken girl.

Enki: "Jeez, sis, you're being scary."

Dani: "Sorry about that. When the invasion happened, she was very young and saw things nobody should have to see. She never got over it."

I nod in understanding and thank them for their time.

Iron Cloud Chincillas
Editor's Note:
If you have NPCs as an integral part of your role play within Caledon, write their story and submit it to the Zephyr!

Crossword Puzzle, Caledon Oxbridge Village, 2015.1.25

This week's printable crossword is all about Caledon Oxbridge Village, past and present. Use this week's main story and Google for help (or just talk to a few Caledon oldbies)

Caledon Oxbridge Village crossword:

Answer page:

Personality of the Week, Autopilotpatty Poppy--2015.1.25

This week, we profile Miss Patty Poppy, Duchess of Kintyre, Duchess of Stella Maris, ODS Knight of Caledon, and brand new Duchess of Caledon Moors. Though Dame Patty has just recently taken on Caledon Moors, she still considers Caledon Morgaine her home. As if redecorating a sim isn't enough, Dame Patty continues to host two events per week in Morgaine--a casual no-theme dance on Monday evenings at Alley Cats Alley and themed dances on Saturday nights at Poppy's Place Dance Club. She also has standing gigs for her DJing skills on Wednesday nights.

Dame Patty's had plenty of time in Caledon to build a repertoire of memories--she arrived before it became a nation, in December 2005! Since that time, she's been a founding member for Tanglewood, Glengarry, and Morgaine and says she fondly remembers the excitement of being involved "on the ground floor" in getting those regions started.

When asked about funny stories, Dame Patty recalled a wrong window that earned a quip in ISC--thereafter, amusing wrong window-ers would be said to "pull a Poppy."  (This scribe can recall a mysterious spare "t" that somehow worked it's way into a post so that, instead of Dame Patty enjoying a nice cup of Earl Grey while watching events unfold in ISC, she posted "/me sips her teat." If the original post wasn't fraught with hilarity enough, the Lady's flustered responses afterward left many of her fellow Caledonians crying with laughter.)

Dame Patty became a "Dame" through her work with Team Caledon for Second Life's Relay for Life campaign. She was co-captain in 2008 when Team Caledon raised L$3 million. She returned to lead the team as captain from 2011-2013. For her efforts, the Guv'nah knighted her.

Though many might think that Dame Patty's first love is hosting and entertaining, socializing was not the original reason she came into Second Life.
Over the years, she has been very involved in art and inworld photography.

"I think most people know that I originally was brought in to SL by my youngest son, Vlad Bjornson, in hopes that I could show my photography and have a gallery in SL.  He recommended Caledon right away and within two weeks of my arrival I was a land owner in Tanglewood and soon an adjoining region of Caledon on Sea where two galleries were placed.  I hosted a large number of artists from across the grid for a couple of years in both the Sea Song Gallery and The Gallery Tamrannoch.  That's where I first began to plan events and music and entertainment for artist receptions."

She shares a picture of the Gallery in Tamrannoch from 2007, just after the original was replaced by a minaret castle gallery:
Tamrannoch Gallery

"The Sea Song gallery is on the left.  The Cavorite Mines are behind the minaret castle.  While at this location I enjoyed working with a number of Caledon men when I did the Exotic Men of Caledon exhibit - my first try at portraiture in SL.  I was well received so I followed that up with Exotic Women of Caledon which was twice as large and very well received."

"During my time as Countess of Kintyre I did an exhbit called Men and Women in Kilts and also one that I may be most famous for the Moon over Caledon Women and Moon over Caledon Men - a 'behind-the-scenes' look at some of the steamlands most beautiful people.  Both for Relay for Life fundraising."

"As most people know, I like large builds and the Medieval Cattle Market I had built for a parcel in Babbage Wheatstone was no exception.  It was never rezzed in Babbage but instead was rezzed on Caledon Kintyre when I took that over in the spring of 2010, I believe it was."
Medieval Gallery in Kintyre
Kintyre Gallery Interior

"While on Kintyre and in the Highlands I worked with a number of lovely ladies across the steamlands and photographed portraits for a Stockings! exhibit - which, you might expect, was quite successful."
"This snapshot was taken just prior to the opening reception of the Stockings! exhibit.

From Kintyre I took on a large parcel in Caledon Highlands where I built a large gallery up in the sky.  It was undoubtedly the most aesthetically pleasing of all the galleries."
Highlands Gallery

"As I was curating and hosting events here in Caledon I also showed my RL floral photography in a number of well known galleries across the grid such as Enja Mysterio's, The Dream, Anandra, Gracie Kendall's gallery, Kelly Yap's gallery, Paris Metro, Dlly's gallery on Kijiiji, my own gallery on the DePaul CTI campus, a gallery on the Sweden region and a host of others.

My most recent group project was the Burlesque limited edition photo I did for the 2014 Relay for Life.  Fourteen of Caledon's finest burlesque beauties.  All five editions were sold raising L$5000 for RFL.  There is one edition that was generously donated to the wall of Alley Cats Alley, one of my dance venues in Caledon Morgaine."

Dame Patty is definitely a multi-faceted shining jewel in Caledon. If you're looking for something to do on a Monday or Saturday evening, treat yourself (and your ears) to one of her Morgaine events. If you're looking for one of her works to grace your walls, you might have to wait for the next RFL auction--but it will be worth the wait. :)

A Visit to the Village, 2015.1.25

~Text: Faerie Scribe
~Photos: Aevalle Galicia-Constantine

There is something magical about small university towns--the regal old and established architecture mixes with the warmth of charming homes. Somehow, none of it seems to get antiquated because of the constant influx of newcomers, seeing and experiencing it with fresh eyes. This describes Caledon Oxbridge Village, too--a patchwork of veteran shops and elegant Victorian homes and cottages with a few key support areas for the neighboring Caledon Oxbridge University.

Oxbridge Village arrived on the grid in December of 2008, replacing Nova Civis Caledon which took up the space for a year prior.
Nova Civis Caledon from Steamlander
From it's birth, Oxbridge Village was designed to have the look and feel of a small university town, in the shadows of the towers of Oxbridge University to the west. The town was laid out around a central park, offset slightly towards the east as NCI (New Citizens Incorporated) Caledon then had a campus that took up roughly a quarter of the sim.

Over the years, residents have come and gone. Some of the merchants have been there for years. BlakOpal Designs, best known for their pirate and steampunk clothing, has been a long-time fixture along the northern edge of the village. Montagne Noire, a well-loved shop for those looking for Victorian garb or furnishings, recently closed their doors after being in the Village for multiple years. The shop owner retains "A Quiet Place," a park where visitors can sit and watch the carriages and trains roll through.

Some of the best ways to see the Village start at the University. As mentioned in former stories in the Zephyr, there are trains and horse-drawn carriages that run from the University through the Village.
The train may take a while to show up (so patience is a virtue) and you'll not only see the Village but several other sims as well.
The carriage route is much more leisurely and mainly tours the Village, around the central park area. The horses, designed by Virrginia Steamweaver, are considered "legacy" to the sim and, no matter how many visitors they may trample underfoot, they are beloved and well cared for by the sim-imps. To catch a ride on one of the horse-drawn carriages, visitors should head to the Oxbridge University Library. The horses stop just outside the northern library entrance. (Of course, if you're quick, you may be able to hop on one while it's on its route.)
Visitors entering from the University side will first come across the University support structures that call Oxbridge Village their home.
Caledon University Meeting Area
These arrangements were made to try to help alleviate traffic once the University sim became a homestead. In the northwest of the Village, stands the University meeting area where students can set their home point. Nearby, there are a series of small platforms, used when there are building and other competitions. Unseen at the ground level but useful for students and residents alike, the University changing rooms high in the sky overhead offer those who needs a bit of privacy the opportunity to expand their wardrobe--the landmark givers are at the meeting area.  Directly south from the meeting area, in the south-western corner of the Village, the University sandbox flies in the skies above, open to anyone who needs to toss some prims around or open packages.

For visitors who are in the mood for shopping, the Village offers a variety of stops with offerings of everything from knickers to knick-knacks.
Just to the east of the University meeting area is the Caledon Adventures Store, owned by Anna Darwinian, which features a variety of Caledon designers, artists, and activities.
Exiting out the eastern side of the building, visitors find themselves in Jenkin Park, featuring a dance floor, wooded areas and Art Nouveau prints scattered about. (Historical trivia: According to Miss Galicia, a real world university--The University of South Alabama--had a small outpost on what is now the northern half of Jenkin Park.)
Jenkin Park Wooded Area
Traveling east, visitors come across BlakOpal Designs, one of the Village's mainstays on Murdann Street (named after a former Caledon sim). Newbies who stumble into the Village from the University can pick up a new outfit from the entrance to the shop as well as a package that explains the best avatar physics settings for a variety of outfits.

With a quick walk on Murdann Street to the east, visitors will come across "A Quiet Place" park, owned by another long-time Oxbridge Village merchant, Astolat Dufaux.
(Watch your step while traveling on Murdann--both steam [menace] trains and horse-drawn carriages come through this area and are known to run down pedestrians.)

At the corner, turn down Oxbridge Street to find yourself in front of the Caledon Oxbridge Fencing Club with pistes available for playing the sword and card game, En Garde.

Just past the Fencing Club, a small walkway leads to stairs that take visitors into Kintyre to the east. Kintyre has a long history with Oxbridge Village. At one time, there was a role play tutorial "gateway" between the two sims. Even earlier, the owners of Kintyre held a large portion of the southeastern section of the sim which was given the legacy name of Thistle Hill.
Thistle Hill eventually became separated from Kintyre as a property, but retained its name through several owners. It was known as a center of activities in the sim and housed, at various times, a grand hall, a pavilion, an art gallery (Patty's Place Galleria), and a marketplace (Thistle Hill Market). The Thistle Hill Market was known to be a rather raucous area, led by the Sky Pirates Who Don't Do Anything (Except Listen to Great Music) and their leader, Mr. Onyx Plutonian (a rather dapper white tiger gentleman known for his advice column in Steampunk Adventures). Onyx and his Sky Pirates acquired an ornate metal steampunk airship that was said to sometimes shimmy and thump with the rhythm of the musical events hosted within it multiple times per week.

Where Thistle Hill once stood, there now are a handful of individual parcels. Ashbourne & Co, Ltd, creators of fine jewelry, is just off the corner of Oxbridge and Maddy Streets. The same shop houses Blue Moon Atelier which features the works of real life artist, Mary Layton.
Ashbourne & Co, Ltd.

To the south of Ashbourne & Co, on the corner of Ondrejka and Minerva Streets, University sponsor Nitely Literary Services offers editing and feedback for authors who are trying to get their work published.

(While she was taking photos, Miss Aevalle spotted this ne'er-do-well hanging out in the neighborhood. Be wary of making any bets or rolling dice with him!)
Bony Man in Bowler
Walking back up to Maddy Street and heading west, visitors will get a nice view of the southern side of the Oxbridge Village town park. The park has hosted many events over the years, from national addresses from the Guv'nah to anniversary dances to art installations (including one that was a "live" exhibit of dozens of naked avatars and it wasn't even a griefing). The park even played host for a time to a large music nightclub venue, Vinnie's, high in the skies overhead.

At the corner of Maddy and Savard, turn south to find Creations by Elbereth Nightfire, Amaranthus and  Star Kindler Designs, at the corner of Savard and Wooster. Amaranthus has had a presence in Caledon for years, once calling an island off Cape Wrath it's home.
Creations by Elbereth Nightfire

Right next door on Wooster Street is the Caledon Air Transit station for Oxbridge Village. This gleaming building and tower can be seen from across the sim. The memorial in front of the building is for Kaluura Boa, whose work paved the way for the CAT system throughout Caledon.
CAT Station in Oxbridge Village

A quick jaunt to the north (a bit tricky as you have to walk between buildings) will lead a visitor to M'Lady's Designs, another well-known Victorian clothier. In keeping with Oxbridge Village's tradition of helping newcomers, M'Lady has freebies just inside the door to help newbies dress the part for Caledon's theme.

Just outside M'Lady, on Metropolitan Street (named in honor of Oxbridge's Chancellor), is Littlebird's Dream Creations, a shop dedicated to furniture, art, and accessories from several design eras.
Littlebird's Dream Creations

I hope you have enjoyed our little jaunt through Oxbridge Village and that it will encourage you to spend a bit of time visiting and perusing the goods from the merchants. Have a favorite Village story or pictures?  Share them here in the comments section!

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Ever wonder about all those bunnehs and other nefarious NPCs at the Iron Cloud? Duke Wrath explains their roles in "NPCs are People, Too: The Cute but Deadly Crimson Pirate Staff."

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Caledon Zephyr 2015.1.11 Stories in Order

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Classifieds, 2015.1.11

Constantine Air Werkz
Fine Aircraft and Parts
Below deck on the Iron Cloud!

Rainy Fey Creations and Rainy Fey Petite
Distinct Clothing and Jewelry


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