Sunday, February 8, 2015

Classifieds, 2015.2.8

~Caledon Directory~
The Caledon Directory is a listing of public spaces in Caledon, and can be found at . 
It's voluntary and self-service: residents who want to list their parcel on the directory can pick up a directory marker from the kiosk in Victoria City.
or by getting a copy from someone who already owns one (they're full-perm).  They rez the marker on their land, modify the notecard inside with the parcel's name and description, and it will show up in the directory so long as the marker remains.  If the parcel is abandoned, then marker and listing will vanish, keeping the directory up to date.
The Directory was created by Samm Florian and Renee Caxton, operating as the Caledon Directory Organization (CDO).
Caledon Directory Organization Logo


~Constantine Air Werkz~
Fine Aircraft and Parts
Below deck on the Iron Cloud!


~Rainy Fey Creations and Rainy Fey Petite~
Distinct Clothing and Jewelry


(Caledon-based organizations, businesses, and goods can be featured here by dropping a notecard in the mailbox at the Caledon Zephyr office in Caledon Pensans
  or by emailing  Please include the name of the organization or business, a landmark or slurl to where it is located, the inworld name of the contact person and, if it is a limited time sale or activity, the dates involved. Additional info might be added as the submitter sees fit. Classifieds currently are free.)

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