Saturday, February 21, 2015

Next issue of the Zephyr postponed until further notice

Dia dhuit, Dear Readers!

I had hoped to roll out an issue this weekend focusing on Caledon's 9th anniversary, but alas, the next edition will have to wait. Real life has intervened for this writer of the Realm--the wee ones have taken ill and need their mum more than the Hypergrid needs another reporter.

If anyone wants to step in and write some stories in the meantime, I'll make sure you have the ability to post to the blog (or I can post them) and they'll be included in the next inworld edition when it is released.

~~Faerie Scribe, Publisher/Editor of the Caledon Zephyr and Scríobhaí na sídhe-at-large

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  1. Oh dear! I do hope everyone's feeling tip-top as soon as possible, and that in the meantime you get some rest now and then. I'll be thinking of you all.