Sunday, February 8, 2015

From the Editor's Desk, 2015.2.8

Dia dhuit, Dear Readers!

Welcome to another edition of the Caledon Zephyr!

This week's main story is all about the Royal Caledon Air Force--what's happening currently as it reforms and also a look back at it's history. After you've read the story, try your hand at the RCAF Crossword Puzzle! No Personality profile this week (yours truly has had an awful time of finding people willing to talk about themselves recently!)--but I hope to have two in the next edition! Oxbridge Occurrences, Upcoming Activities and Events, and our Classifieds round out our regular sections.

I especially want to encourage those with memories of the RCAF to share stories and photos on our blog in the comments section of the story.

Our mailbox and back issues of the Zephyr can be found at our current office in PenzanceTown.

We'll also post articles and updates on our blog, . Comments and replies can be posted to individual stories on the blog. However, the comments are moderated to keep out unwanted spam. Relevant comments will be cleared for posting as soon as possible by myself or other editors as they come on board.

We have an ongoing CfP (Call for Participants)--if you'd like to be a section editor or contributor, just send me a notecard in-world or email so that you can be added to our staff group and blog.

~~Faerie Scribe, Publisher/Editor of the Caledon Zephyr and Scríobhaí na sídhe-at-large

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