Sunday, February 8, 2015

Oxbridge Occurrences, 2015.2.8

Fundraising is still ongoing with a Winter Auction and Dance to be held Sunday, February 8 from noon to 3pm slt. Head to the village park in Caledon Oxbridge Village and look for the teleporter up to the event's skybox.
Catalogs of the auction items can be found in the notices of the Caledon Oxbridge group inworld.


Lindal Kidd announced recently that everyone should be on the lookout for the latest iteration of the old gift card scam.
Your attention, please!

There are some new versions of an old scam going around.  We call this the "debit permission scam."  Here is how it works.

Someone gives you an object.  You wear it, or rez it, and you see this notice
If you click "ALLOW" the object can take all your $L.  The object will have a different name than "Hippo Rental Box" as shown in the example picture.

Some variants of this scam:

An object called "BONUS!  Win Up To $L10,000 (Wear and Allow)"
A gift card
A dance HUD

These objects CAN NOT HARM YOU as long as you DO NOT ALLOW them permission.  If you get one of these scam objects, Abuse Report the person who gave it to you and delete it from your inventory.

Lindal Kidd
Caledon Oxbridge University
Dean of Information

February 1, 2015

 Oxbridge is still looking for new tutors/volunteers and classes/professors! Think you have an idea or want to contribute some time? Send a notecard with what you're interested in doing to Wordsmith Jarvinen or Larkylouz.

The following is a list of the weekly classes offered at Oxbridge:
Unless otherwise noted, all classes take place in the Lecture Hall.

 Smart Shopper Fundamentals
Time: Sunday, 10:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

This class will cover how to get $L, how to know a quality product, the basics of item permissions, some basic scams to avoid, and most of all, how to find bargains. Become a smart Second Life shopper and look fabulous without spending a lot of money!


Q&A With the Deans
Time: Sunday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Oxbridge Deans

The Caledon Oxbridge "Dean Team" answers your questions about Second Life, Caledon, Oxbridge, Steampunk, and anything else we can manage. Q&A is hosted by some combination of Oxbridge deans and assistant deans. Between them they know… stuff.


Introduction to Role Playing
Time: Sunday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Wendyslippers Charisma

Learn the basic history, purpose and usage of emotes and gestures. Explore roleplay, what it is, and how to do it. This class is intended to enhance your Second Life and greatly increase your fun potential! Free notes, landmarks and gestures provided.


Basic Scripting
Time: Monday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Wordsmith Jarvinen

Scripts are what makes Second Life a dynamic, interactive environment. Scripts can change an object's properties, move objects, communicate with avatars or other scripts, sense objects or avatars, play sounds, collect information, play animations, and rez or give objects within the same object's inventory.

The class starts with the very basics and works through several examples.

Familiarity with the build editor is helpful/advised.


Building Office Hour
Time: Tuesday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Do you have building questions, are you stuck on a project and need help, do you just want another opinion on something you've already built? Bring your questions to Building office hours. Bring your special building projects, questions, and concerns this weekly Office Hour.


Advanced Building I
Time: Tuesday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Take your building skills to the next level! Advanced Building covers advanced prim shaping techniques (a.k.a. prim torture), flexi-prims, light, and the uses and misuses of megaprims.

Required Knowledge: Basic building skills. Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics


A Trivial Entertainment
Time: Tuesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Carl Metropolitan

Join us in Caledon Oxbridge for "A Trivial Entertainment", a fast-paced trivia game show with host Carl Metropolitan. A 300 $L prize for the person who gets the most questions correct. Topics are drawn from the Great Areas of Human (Trivial) Knowledge: Arts, Biology & Earth Science, Entertainment, Geek Culture, Geography, History, Literature & Books, Religion & Myth, Science, Second Life, and Sports.

Just say NO to bot-run trivia!


Time to Make a Clock
Time: Wednesday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Sandie Harbour

Put your basic building skills to work by making a real working clock!

Required Knowledge: Basic building skills.

Suggested prerequisite class: Building Basics.


Introduction to Mesh
Time: Wednesday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Wordsmith Jarvinen

Mesh is the most flexible means of creating objects, clothing and avatars for SL. The class covers background concepts, compares mesh with prims and sculpties, and shows the upload interface.


What to Do in Caledon
Time: Wednesday, 21:00 SLT
Instructor: Lucien Brentano

So, you've taken the walking tutorial. You've picked the freebies clean. You know all about Avatar Safety, you can wield prims with the best of them, and you have an idea of how to make some spending money. Now what?

This class aims to showcase some of Caledon's more interesting activities. Part tour, part lecture, we show students how to look for a party and give them a calendar of events.

Class materials will include landmarks and links to web-based resources like the Caledon Calendar and the Steamlander forums.


Second Life Photography
Time: Thursday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Larkylouz

Learn how to take great pictures in Second Life! This class covers all the essential basics, including using the snapshot tool, camera movement and control, lighting and windlights, graphics programs, photo presentation techniques, photography studios, and more.


Advanced Building II
Time: Thursday, 15:00 SLT
Instructor: Searra Weatherwax

Make the most of your building with advanced building tips, including: precision prim placement with grid and ruler, two ways to copy, advanced linking and unlinking tips, and how to edit linked parts.

Required Knowledge: Basic building.


Building Basics
Time: Thursday, 19:00 SLT
Instructor: Samm Florian

Building Basics is intended for residents who are new or kind of new to building.

On 1st, 3rd, and 5th Thursdays of the month, we have a hands-on class where you'll learn the basic tools you need to build with prims. No prerequisites required; all are welcome, even if you've never rezzed a cube before. This class is text-based and usually runs for 90 minutes.

On the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, Samm will host a Building Office Hour. If you have general questions about building, having a problem with something you're making, or just want to show off what you've made, bring it by. This will typically run for 60 minutes, but there's no need to stay for the whole class.


How to Buy and Rent Land in SL
Time: Friday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

You do not have to have land in Second Life to have fun but it sure helps! Introduction to Land will teach you the basics of how to find, buy or rent, and sell land in Second Life. There is also an introduction to land controls, and a discussion of the risks and rewards of land on Private Estates versus the Linden Lab owned Mainland.


Avatar Safety
Time: Saturday, 12:00 SLT
Instructor: Lindal Kidd

Even in a virtual world, there are things that hurt. Introduction to Avatar Safety covers the basics of protecting one's self in Second Life. This class covers personal information protection, strategies for coping with griefers, abuse reporting, and common scams--plus other information sources and a few tools to help you keep Second Life experience safe.


Photo Salon
Time: Saturday, 17:00 SLT
Instructor: Meora

This is an open-ended workshop that provides SL photographers with skills instruction, practice locations, and a supportive atmosphere in which to practice the techniques of effective SL Photography. Subject matter may range from basic composition to experimenting with creating windlights or specialized photography (surrealism, anyone?).

Participants will be encouraged to experiment with lighting, framing, and the manipulation of viewer settings. Each class stands alone, but specific topics will vary from week to week and be announced before class. Critique and sharing are a valued part of the class, which is taught on a rotating basis by class members and guest speakers.

Prerequisites: None, but a basic photography class is recommended.

For more info, contact the coordinator, Renee Caxton.

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